Friday, December 13, 2019

Mortiis to be joined by The Hanged Man's Curse in Austin, Texas on January 31st

Terranodon's  The Hanged Man's Curse will be joining the legendary Mortiis in Austin along with Tomb and Dread Risks. This will occur on January 31st 2020 at Come at Take it Live
#thehangedmanscurse #Mortiis

Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Hanged Man's Curse Returns to San Marcos Texas on Halloween Night

The Hanged Man's Curse  will return to San Marcos, Texas on Halloween Night and will do a special performance at the Texas Gamer's Lounge -Other bands TBA. On this night of horror, Terranodon will be hosting a special event at an old school arcade, horror movies, bands, byob!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

June 9th - The Hanged Man's Curse joins legendary NWHOBHM band Cloven Hoof in Austin,TX

Terranodon Media would like to share a last minute event. Well , the event is  not last minute as we have been promoting it on social media but we thought we would add it to the site. So here we are. Cloven Hoof will be joined by Tex-Mex Western Occult band, The Hanged Man's Curse and San Antonio's Byfist. Also on tour, Crvnch and the Muckrakers. This is guaranteed to be a metal-filled Sunday. Game of Thrones is over, so there is NO excuse.  Here's a flyer by Orlando Logan Olivero. I've posted it "extruh bigg" so you can see the fine as hell details.

New Show Announcement - 1st show for THE HANGED MAN'S CURSE 2019 in San Antonio, TX

February 23rd, 2019 at Zombies in San Antonio. The Hanged Man's Curse with Wrathtongue and Vulture Christ.

Fekkin Be there San Antonio ( The Heavy Metal Capital - surely it will be packed! )

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Show Review - Outsider Music Showcase 2019 - Featuring The Goat and your Mom and COMPLETE

Well the show was a success, gosh darnnit! It was both awesome AND magical. It has to be magical when Terranodon is involved.  This was initially brought forth when Curt called and said " Hey dude, I wanna do another show in Austin". And of course, Terranodon just loves a good party to be COMPLETE. So that's initially how it started. There were a few minor hiccups along the way.  Curt of Complete, revealed that he had been prescribed new Heart medication and that was a cause for concern. Oh, and that he couldn't find his drummer. That was a week before the show.  Luckily he was able to recruit Mike Kosacek . Now here's the other thing.  A last minute revelation before the day of the show. Orlando Logan Olivero had to fill-in on bass since Complete's current bassist could not get permission from his mother. Curt was also brought in by bus at the last minute. The soundboard could not record directly in; however, a Tascam Recorder was purchased for a hefty price for the sake of getting as much as the audio from the night.  Steve and Steve understandably were having difficulties finding the venue since they are just a good bunch of San Marcos folks. Curt had forgotten to bring his merch, so I made sure to take care of that. This is all the name of the game. Part of the business. Part of organizing crazy events. The show did better than expected. And  everything else went smoother than  Metamucil in Monterrey. Also at the event, a new Complete action figure prototype was shown.

So here is a list of some people to thank:

All the amazing bands, Steve and Steve, Charm, Ponytrap, Worm Suicide, Complete, and The Goat and Your Mom.

All the patrons that paid to see a great show!

The Texas Legends of Wrestling  Chino Reyes and Ruben Steel  who made a rare appearance.

Mike Kosacek - who filled in on drums

MAV Gigan came all the way from Laredo Texas to take photos and enjoy both Goat and Complete

Darren Cowan  was generous to lend a hand in the Photo department as well - took some onces

Lashae of NittyLiveTV came all the way from Killeen to help with photography as well.

Chris Cardoza of San Marcos, TX  also photographed that night. Sure to be

James Jaska Miller provided excellent sound and managed to record most of the set. I am excited to sit down and listen to it.

Jim Daeng Ostrander for allowing the show to happen

Representatives from the City of Kyle were present to witness such a historical event. Also because I invited them

Matt Sonzala was very helpful in organizing the arrival of Curt Low and I'd like to thank Pushermania as well.

Austin Chronicle helped us with Advertising this event.

All the local shops that let us put flyers up!

I look forward to the next Outsider Music Showcase. This lineup was absolutely astounding and it was a fun time.