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Texas's First Symphonic Black Metal Band, Vesperian Sorrow's Awaken the Greylight now available on Season of Mist Records

It can now be ordered!


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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Vesperian Sorrow ( Austin's First Black Metal Band ) Album Cover Design by Caelin Stokkerman and Orlando Logan Olivero.

Austin's premiere black metal act, Vesperian Sorrow, has given fans a sneak peek at the album cover for their highly anticipated upcoming release, "Awaken the Greylight." The cover art, a stunning depiction of what artist Orlando Logan Olivero refers to as "The Tomb of the Greylight," promises to be a visually striking representation of the band's dark and atmospheric sound.

In a recent interview with Olivero, he revealed that the creative process behind the album cover involved a collaboration with fellow artist Caelin Stokkermans, known for his work with the legendary metal band Abbath. Olivero shared that he first developed the concept for the cover, which he describes as a symbolic representation of the key to saving the civilization of the Vesperians.

The album cover features intricate and haunting imagery, with dark, gothic elements that perfectly complement Vesperian Sorrow's signature sound. Olivero's sketches were sent over to Stokkermans, who brought the concept to life with his unique artistic style. The result is a captivating visual that sets the tone for what is sure to be a powerful and immersive listening experience.

Fans of Vesperian Sorrow can expect "Awaken the Greylight" to deliver the band's trademark blend of intense, atmospheric black metal with elements of symphonic and melodic death metal. With the unveiling of the album cover, anticipation for the release is at an all-time high, and fans are eager to get their hands on this latest offering from one of Austin's most talented and innovative metal acts.

As Vesperian Sorrow continues to push the boundaries of the black metal genre, their latest album promises to be a bold and ambitious statement that further cements their reputation as one of the most exciting bands in the underground metal scene. With "Awaken the Greylight," Vesperian Sorrow is poised to unleash a dark and captivating musical journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans and critics alike.


Who is Orlando "Logan" Olivero? - A look at long-time Texas Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Artist, Filmmaker, Toymaker part 1

 Orlando "Logan" Olivero: Texas Musician, Artist, Filmmaker, and Toymaker

Orlando "Logan" Olivero's musical journey in Texas has spanned over two decades, during which he has established himself as one of the state's most unique and versatile vocalists. His career began in South Texas, where he co-founded the horror, metal/punk band "The Evil Horde" in 1998 alongside his friend Eski. From there, he went on to join the metal/hardcore act "The South Texas Outrage" before moving to the Austin area in the early 2000s.

In Austin, Olivero briefly collaborated with Brian Cameron of the band Lion in the progressive metal act Sphere of Influence before co-founding Austin's premiere melodic death metal ensemble, Vows in Ashes, in 2003. This marked the beginning of his foray into the international music scene when he joined the metal outfit Against the Plagues in 2005, featuring notable musicians such as Varyen Chylinski, Adrian Adamus, and Wojtek Lisicki. The band had a brief stint with Century Media USA and released several albums, including "Architecture of Oppression," "Decoding the Mainframe," and "The Quaternion," showcasing Olivero's dynamic vocal range and artistic contributions.

Olivero's musical endeavors did not stop there, as he later joined the Texas-based band Vex and collaborated on two releases, "Thanatopsis" and "Circular Ruins," on HPGD records. The latter, a split EP with Divine Eve on vinyl, also featured Olivero's artwork, highlighting his multifaceted creativity across various mediums.

Aside from his musical pursuits, Olivero has also delved into the realms of filmmaking and toy-making, showcasing his diverse talents and passion for artistic expression. His creative endeavors offer a glimpse into the depth of his artistic vision and the breadth of his creative output.

In conclusion, Orlando "Logan" Olivero's contributions to the Texas music scene as a musician, artist, filmmaker, and toymaker have solidified his reputation as a versatile and innovative talent. His twenty-year journey in the industry exemplifies a dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic horizons, making him a prominent figure in the Texas music community and beyond.

Vesperian Sorrow Awaken the Greylight Promotional Flyer looks pretty darn Sci-Fi


Austin's First Black Metal band Vesperian Sorrow

 Austin's First Black Metal Band, Vesperian Sorrow, has made a triumphant return with their latest album, "Awaken the Greylight." This long-awaited release showcases the band's evolution and growth over the years, solidifying their position as a powerhouse in the black metal scene.

Formed in the mid-90s, Vesperian Sorrow has been a leading force in Texas's music scene, pioneering the symphonic black metal genre. With their unique blend of aggressive riffs, haunting melodies, and orchestral elements, they have captivated audiences and earned a dedicated following.

The addition of Texas artist, Orlando Logan Olivero ( former Against the Plagues vocalist, The Golden Soth ) , to the band has injected new life and energy into Vesperian Sorrow's sound. Logan's versatile vocals bring a dynamic range to the album, adding depth and complexity to each track. His powerful performance on "Awaken the Greylight" is a testament to his skill and artistry, elevating the band's music to new heights.

The album itself is a masterful display of Vesperian Sorrow's prowess as musicians and songwriters. From the blistering intensity of tracks like "Stormwinds of Ages" to the epic grandeur of "Casting Dawn into the Abyss," each song is a sonic journey that immerses the listener in a dark and atmospheric world. The band's technical proficiency and creative vision are on full display, cementing their reputation as one of the premier black metal acts in the industry.

Fans of Vesperian Sorrow will not be disappointed with "Awaken the Greylight." The album is a testament to the band's enduring legacy and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre. With its lush production, intricate compositions, and powerful performances, it is a true standout in their discography.

In conclusion, Vesperian Sorrow's return is a cause for celebration among black metal fans. With "Awaken the Greylight," they have solidified their place as pioneers in the genre and proven that their creative spark is as strong as ever. Austin's first black metal band has returned, and they are here to leave a lasting mark on the music world.

AI Legacy of Complete - The Best Worst Band EVER!!!!

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 The best worst band in the world is called "Complete," hailing from the diverse music scene of Fort Worth, Texas. With a quirky name and an even quirkier sound, Complete has managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the music industry. One of their most notable songs, "Hoogie Boogie Land," showcases their unconventional style and has become a cult favorite among their fanbase.

Led by their enigmatic singer, Curt Low, Complete stands out from the crowd with their distinct blend of genres and offbeat lyrics. Their music is often categorized as part of the Outsider Music Movement, a genre that embraces creativity and individuality over traditional norms. Complete's music is a mix of rock, punk, and indie influences, making it difficult to pinpoint their exact sound. In 2007, deviant cyborg, Orlando Logan Olivero reunited Complete and booked their first Austin, TX show. They later played SXSW every year until 2020.

"Hoogie Boogie Land" is a prime example of Complete's unique approach to music. The song features catchy guitar riffs, energetic drum beats, and Low's signature off-kilter vocals. The lyrics, which tell a whimsical tale of a mystical land where anything is possible, add to the song's charm and appeal. Despite its unconventional nature, "Hoogie Boogie Land" has managed to capture the hearts of fans and critics alike, solidifying Complete's reputation as one of the most intriguing bands in the industry.

While some may dismiss Complete as a novelty act or a joke, their dedicated fanbase sees them as true trailblazers in the music world. Their willingness to push boundaries and experiment with their sound has earned them a loyal following and a reputation for being unapologetically themselves. In a world filled with cookie-cutter bands and formulaic music, Complete dares to be different, and that's what makes them so special.

In conclusion, the best worst band in the world, Complete, may not fit neatly into any one genre or style, but that's what makes them so captivating. With their infectious energy, unconventional sound, and memorable songs like "Hoogie Boogie Land," Complete has proven that sometimes, it's the most unique and unconventional artists who leave the biggest impact. Love them or hate them, there's no denying that Complete is a band that demands attention and deserves to be recognized for their fearless creativity.


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