Saturday, February 18, 2012

I wanted to officially announce that I am doing vocals ( singing) for the Austin , Texas  metal band, Whore of Babylon.  Although Whore of Babylon have been active in the Texas Metal scene for the past 10 years I have been working off and on with my friends for the past year, and recently, we have recorded some great material .  I wanted to announce this when we had the material ready so that we could have something to show the listeners. Currently we have recorded 7 songs and are looking to release this either independently or with a decent label. Right now, our ears are open to all offers.

I’m uncertain as to whether this would appeal to ATP listeners as it is a completely different style. I, myself, do a variety of vocal styles with this.  I suppose the best way I would describe this as Fun, “ Brutal, Power Thrash” Metal  music.

To all the Against the Plagues fans, don’t worry! ATP is still working harder than ever and we are about to release a brand new  Album/EP.  I like to keep myself busy with music, so in the future, don’t be surprised if you hear about other musical projects that I involve myself with.
So for your listening pleasure , we have two tracks streaming  on our Facebook
           Fetid Rotting Corpse of Humanity
2.      When All My Enemies are Gone

Look for Whore of Babylon on Facebook

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If not on facebook then check it out on youtube

Whore of Babylon is:
Craig Leach: Lead Guitars
Bryan Cameron: Lead Guitars
Kress Lochridge: Bass
 Orlando Logan” Pontius” Perez  : All Vocals
Drums: Currently auditioning new drummer

Friday, February 10, 2012

Orlando Logan "Plague Healer" Perez of Against the Plagues

Welcome to Terranodon Media formerly Terranidon Media . Yes, I decided to move the I and the O. Anyway. I have created this site to promote, gossip, b.s., exhibit, joke, comment, share, and what have you. The reader will notice much of this blog will cover all members of the Terranodon Media Family including acts such as Against the Plagues, Whore of Babylon, The Monk , Black Skull Lucha,  Erik Tarpley's Sound Tank Studios, Orlando Logan Perez's art , music, film , and much much more.

Stay True!

Pterodactyl Man!