Thursday, January 31, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to see the band, Complete

10. A Youtube Sensation - Complete became a Youtube sensation in the mid 2000s .  With the advent of the global video streaming program, Youtube,   the  "found " footage phenomenon was and continues to thrive. The footage that had been found of the band " Complete" was said to date back to the mid 1990s. The sound quality, theatrics, confidence, and delivery of the performance polarized viewers.  They developed a cult following shortly after with songs like "Hoogie Boogie Land" and "Beautiful Sunrises" which resulted in hundreds of thousands of views. The videos were shared and became a viral sensation. It subsequently developed mixed reactions among viewers. Some of which dubbed them "The Worst Band Ever" which later evolved to " The Best Worst Band Ever". But we will get into that in a bit.

9. 420-friendly - Complete are not afraid to express their love for the cannabis. In fact, they have several renditions of the song, Hoogie Boogie land and often make references to " the magical plant" or the plant that has "5 or 7 leaves". Without a doubt they are huge proponents of the plants recreational usage and have cited it as a major influence in their emotion-driven songwriting. Just FYI.

8. SXSW- Complete managed (somehow) to perform at numerous SXSW showcases starting in 2009. SXSW has been known to be the largest music festival in the world  showcasing hundreds of bands from around the worlds. Many bands ( like all my projects) will be rejected numerous times or not even be considered. Complete was reportedly asked to perform by organizers of SXSW and continue to do so every other year.

7. Expect the Unexpected at Complete Shows - Complete has gone through numerous lineup changes. But the foundation was always Curt Low and Peter Creech (Sparky to some ). With last minute cancellations and the firing of band mates, Complete has sometimes had to recruit individuals that have a very short amount of time to learn the songs. Some songs are altered on the spot. You will hear a version of "Beautiful Sunrises" that sounds the same. While some speculate as to whether they remember the songs, others have gotten the impression that they are a kin to Jazz fusion bands and are working the audience.

6. Long History: 25+ Years - Looking back it is hard to believe that Complete is already a quarter of a century old. They have endured many changes, harsh criticisms, but keep the spirit of rock and music alive within themselves.

5. Fan-friendly - Complete's Curt Low often references his immense appreciation for the fans. Some might be inclined to describe him as a big, Texas Teddy Bear as his approachable and personable demeanor is one of the qualities that keeps fans coming back.

4. Rare Items, Collectables and DIY Merch - Complete have items and merchandise at certain shows. Many of which they construct themselves adopting a DIY sensibility. One show there were a limited amount of shirts that were stenciled and spray-painted by both Curt and Creech.One their initial release, they had a temporary name change referring to themselves as "Barbed". Those that have the original copy will notice the CDr Copy has a printed " barbed" Logo ; however, the word "Complete" is crudely written over it capturing the charm and essence of the band.

3. Get it now while you can -It is not certain how long Complete will decide to keep going. After the untimely death of Pete Creech in 2018, the sole remaining member is the voice of Complete, Curtis. People have longed to see both the 1st generation lineup in some form or another. Mark Swain has reportedly not been active in the music scene for quite sometime but it is said that he and Curt are on talking terms. One can only dream of a Complete G1 reunion.  With regards to Complete's 2nd Generation (or Complete Generation 2  as I like to call it), there were reports of existing hostilities between the drummer ( TK ), and Creech for a while. Houston is reportedly active in the Texas Metal Scene with his band, ASS.  It has been said that Mark Swain prefers to forget all this, but perhaps cannot remember how to play the original material. Houston remains the only former member that can play the original material note for note and managed to even transcribe the songs at one point.

2. Best Worst Band Ever? -One of the largest controversies regarding Complete is how they are viewed by the general audience. One group says that they are bad . The other group says that they are horrible. Okay, that was a bad joke. But there are many opinions surrounding Complete.This, we will touch on in the future.

1. Outsider Music - It is apparent that Complete is deserving of being part of the ongoing Outsider Music category. With the likes of Wesley Willis, Daniel Johnston, Tiny Tim, Captain Beefheart, Wildman Fischer, and others, it is undoubtedly reasonable and sensible to include Complete into this hall of giants. Their sheer authenticity, honesty, rawness, and perplexities align them with greatness!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Saying Goodbye to "Brother" Bruce Corbitt - by Orlando Logan Olivero

While in between my various activities, I decided to remark on the passing of a dear friend of mine. It is far too important a thing, not only for the sake of mournful acceptance, but also for the nature of the individual’s impact on the arts. On the morning of January 25th 2019 - It was announced that Texas Music Legend, Bruce Corbitt passed away after an immensely difficult battle with Esophageal cancer. He fought a long, grueling, 21 months and defied the odds as he was told he had only had 3 months from date of his initial diagnosis. This entire ordeal would become a very slow sadness.

Bruce Corbitt was part of a movement of underground metal that I had grown-up with in the early 90s. The Rigor Mortis name and demo were passed around and often listened to during our weekend sleepovers and hangout sessions. My buddy, Raymundo had these two older brothers. Me and Ray were like in the 4th or 5th grade. His brothers were already in 8th and 9th grade. That meant “old” and “wise” in the ways of experience and metal. If you knew someone that was just a few years older and had access to metal and rated R movies, you had a “connection”. So at an early age, me and my South Texas buddies were often spending weekends listening to his brothers’ cassettes along with whatever we would bring to the table. I’d make sure to bring my own metal mix tapes (A few blank ones so that I could record what they had as well). So, in order to further illustrate my tastes and mindset, allow me to present a hodgepodge example of my world at the time: Castlevania 2 - Simon’s Quest, Iron Maiden, Return of the Living Dead, Megaman 2, X-men Comics, Painting Miniatures, Transformers, Drawing and making comics, The Misfits/ Danzig, King Diamond, Iron maiden again, The Satanic Bible, Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead 2 over and over, Star Wars over and over, Playboys under the mattress, and bands like RIGOR FUCKING MORTIS!

So why the hell would I not like Rigor Mortis? They spoke to me because they delved deep into the media that I had a high affinity for. It made me feel less childish perhaps to know that “older” guys in a cool band all were into horror movies and art. So let’s go ahead and fast forward to maybe ten years later when I actually MET Rigor Mortis and saw them for the first time with the original lineup. That was in San Marcos, Texas at a place called Lucy’s. That was a show that they performed for me and just three other individuals. That, was one of the most magical live music experiences that I’ve had to this day. I think the guys in Rigor Mortis have gotten bored with that story since every now and then, I will remind them of that time just because it was so special. And it was that time that Bruce and I had first officially met and began communicating. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely go more into that show in the future. It was a wild experience especially getting to know Mike Scaccia. So we communicated via Myspace, e-mail, and Facebook later on. I had seen Bruce numerous times whether it was for another Rigor show or Warbeast. Truth be told, he and Casey were and still are big heroes to me. What they developed in their various ventures were inspirations for everything that I do with Terranodon Media. Also, ( a funny little tidbit relating to that night ) there was a picture of Herschell Gordon Lewis (Wizard of Gore director ) with both Bruce and Casey. They both were wearing the same shirt. The shirt that I had given them on that day, my old band “Vows in Ashes”. Imagine just how giddy I was to see that three icons were hanging out, two of which were wearing my shirt. It’s the little things that matter most.

So there are other events that occurred after that time frame, but it is way too much to discuss at the moment. One of these days, I may share such stories, if for nothing else, my memory archives or perhaps on a podcast. So let’s go back to 2017. Bruce and I had talked about doing a show in Austin for Warbeast. Warbeast was putting out a new album, afterall. But soon after we had begun the initial promotion, Bruce made an announcement. Initially, I had thought that his issues with heart disease had worsened. This was something on a completely different level. It was, in fact, cancer. The underground metal world was shaken by the news and an onpour of support began throughout this journey. I, myself, joined the cause without any hesitation. I helped put together the Bruce Corbitt Benefit in 2017 when we had first heard the news. Initially, the show was going to feature one of my bands directly supporting Warbeast. However, that soon changed as we learned about the news. Instead, we turned that into a benefit show to where all proceeds went to Bruce and the Corbitt family. This sentiment, of course, was supported by Jim the owner of the Texas Mist. There were thousands raised. Two of Bruce’s friends, came down to help support and help auction off some of Bruce’s items. We played the new Warbeast album, The Hanged Man’s Curse would cover Rigor Mortis’ “Re-animator”, and much fun and celebration was had that night. When I showed Bruce the flyer where I depicted a giant-sized Bruce along the mascots for both Rigor Mortis and Warbeast, he told me that he was in tears. I had to let him know that I try my best to honor my heroes with my art.

In support of the awareness, I even created a Rigor Mortis action figure as a gift for Bruce. Bruce fell in love with the figure when I sent it to him. He told me that he began to cry because it was always his dream to get “toys” for the band. He pleaded with me numerous times to make more and more so that people could enjoy them. At his wedding vow renewal ceremony he brought it up. I told him “ Dude that can happen, but it’s going to be hard to do with materials and I’ll have to sculpt a head. But it is possible. Very possible”. But at Frightmare he finally convinced me. Honestly, tt didn’t take much, because looking at him smile like a kid in a candy shop while holding the new “Sog” toy was enough to convince me to do everything I could to make it happen. And that is exactly what I did in early 2018. Over 20 have been produced and Bruce graciously signed a number of them as well. So he was happy knowing that this was happening and that his band, Rigor Mortis, had their own line of action figures. Something very few others can say. You have Ozzy, Iron Maiden, King Diamond, The Misfits, and Now RIGOR MORTIS. Anything for my heroes.

But let’s get back on how Bruce impacted the world. He was a visionary but viewed the world with such innocence and playfulness. He really enjoyed life and the people around him. When I’ d go see him in Dallas he was always surrounded by people and friends who adored his presence. His light was so bright. Bruce wanted so much out of life and wanted to create much more. He managed to release several documentaries - one of which was for Rigor Mortis. He was tickled when I told him that I ordered and displayed it at the Public Library that I worked at. Bruce was also so proud of his work with Warbeast. During the entire ordeal, he was focused more on how his bandmates were suffering. His selflessness and humble acts continued. More and more, I began to see Bruce share other people’s charities and other people’s fundraisers. He was constantly raising awareness for others even while he was suffering.

I had spoken to Bruce a week prior to his death to remind him constantly of what he meant to me and everyone else. He exemplified the humane, the creative, and the jovial qualities that most should aspire towards. His music and art changed the world for the better. I contemplated visiting him at his home “ The Batcave”. But, I knew he needed time with his closest loved ones. It is a regret I’ll always have, but we still spoke. I will remember; however, our last encounter. During the final Warbeast show with Bruce a few months back, we were talking as if nothing at all was going on. Just nonchalant “how’s this” and “how’s that”. I Showed him one of the new Rigor Mortis “ Sog” sculptures I was working on. I recall telling him that I’d see him again soon. Before we parted he hugged me.He said, “ I love you, brother”. I held back my tears and told him “ I love you to man. You need to know that you are my hero”.

I think Bruce Corbitt came to that realization that he had that effect on everyone. At least, I hope he did. So this brings us to where we go from here. It’s been a long, 21 months.And although Bruce may be gone, his legacy will continue to thrive. That is, of course, if we help to do that. Knowing Bruce, he would want people not to mourn but to rather celebrate and enjoy life as he did, to be accepting of all and unashamed with the things that make you happy. I hope people in the generations to come will appreciate and understand his contributions to music and art. Long live the legacy of the immortal, Bruce Corbitt!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Keeping Austin ACTUALLY Weird vs.Commercially Weird

As I am currently campaigning the " Outsider Music Showcase " ( with The Best Worst Band Ever - COMPLETE and The Goat and Your Mom ) , I am noticing many interesting tidbits and articles about the current Austin lifestyle. Now, as far back as I remember, my visits to Austin as a young child were mesmerizing and absolutely glorious. I fell in love with the city in the late 80s during our cheap family vacations.  I moved south of Austin with the dawn of the new millennium while attending Southwest Texas in San Marcos ( Now Texas State) with the intentions of eventually moving to  Austin. Well, that has yet to happen; and I can no longer afford such a luxury. You see, something happened in the early 2000s. I started seeing this logo that stated " Keep Austin Weird".  It didn't quite phase nor surprise me, but rather, left me in a state of confusion. I mean, was the city losing it's weirdness? Was there a secret society of seriousness hellbent on punishing the doers of weird? Jokes aside, I sensed a foreboding gloom despite the ballsiness of such a slogan.

 Of course Austin was considerably unique at the time.  I think the intention of the slogan may have been something to celebrate and differentiate Austin's originality. However,  it is now 2019 and people are asking, "Austin still weird?".  Ok, let's get one thing straight here. What makes up the identity of any city are the people that reside within it's walls. Now that I got that out of the way let us observe what has occurred in the past decade ( at least what I have observed).  Austin has received a massive amount of attention and popularity. We have seen it grow exponentially. The weird little town now becomes THE place to be. This in part, was due to another slogan, "Live music Capital ".  I'm not certain, as to what a city has to do to call itself that. I mean, how many Sublime Cover bands does it take to get you to that point? So all of a sudden, you see things on Rolling Stone mentioning Austin. SXSW this, ACL that. Hey, did you know that Frodo Baggins lives in Austin? How about Sandra Bullock? So what happens next? The kids start moving into the neighborhood, and I mean lots of them - kids with money, kids deprived of attention. Where are they coming from? Mostly California, I'm pretty sure  ( not picking on Californians, just stating a fact). It is said that an estimated 20,000 young Californians have moved to Austin in the past 7 years.   Austin welcomed them with open arms. Austin also was happy to see so much green paper coming it's way it was willing to undergo a makeover. I saw it happen. A historical East Austin spot now becomes a cool place to get Fusion Tacos, overpriced ramen, or whatever becomes trendy to people that have the audacity to call themselves "Foodies".  So in that sense, yes.. Austin is in fact, weird. But everyone that made it unique went into hiding. Austin was always welcoming to the strange outcast.  Austin was the hidden lair for secret wonders. Now everyone wants in on it.

As a result, I've seen the rapid decline of show attendance with regards to punk, metal, industrial, or anything underground. I am not solely blaming the millennial invasion because there are so many other contributing factors to this.  There's difficulties with online promotion, difficulties with so-called promoters, high ticket prices and general laziness due to at-home conveniences and modern, technological luxuries. I'm here to fight it not only because I believe in actual, productive and creative change, but also because I believe in making people feel uncomfortable and dare I say, weird? Terranodon Media stands proudly next to the obscure, the forgotten, and forlorn. I will gladly make my contributions to help combat mediocrity and pretentiousness. I will encourage all wannabes to be better (and move somewhere else).  I apologize for sounding so cynically bitter, but everything points to the fact that the Austin we once knew and loved is losing is identity to "The" business.  The authenticity is convoluted and perhaps the ore has lost its luster. One can only hope that with surging housing prices, inflation, and over saturation of mainstream garbage the "Hipster's Rome" will implode and the creatures of the night will take back the glory land.   Til then, I will do my part to  keep Austin weird, even if certain cliques, scenes, and social groups have moved on. Perhaps, the change is for the better. Perhaps, a new yellow rose might bloom ( *not a strip club reference).

 Now, let's get real. Let's keep Austin real. The Outsider Music Showcase will feature The Goat and Your Mom, Complete ( The Best Worst Band Ever?), Worm Suicide, Ponytrap, Charm, and the Steve n Steve band. This is open to all.  I invite those who have taken exception to some of the things I said. Those that thought, " Wait a minute. I'm from California, and I'm not one of those jerks. I support the Scene!!!" So to you,   I offer a challenge to show up, SUPPORT,  and see the raw, primal forces that make up some of the most unique bands in the world. Prove me wrong, and revel in my incompetence. Show me there is a chance for everyone to be authentic.   It's exciting to know that this night will be a historic event that will go down in Austin music history. That being said,   I don't expect a crazy amount of people to attend on February 2nd, 2019 at Texas Mist; those people( the original gangsters) just aren't  around for the most part. But the light still lingers and those that do go....they know.. oh they know, man.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Show Review - Texas Mist Day 3 (Evening Time)

Wait ? Where is Day 1 and Day 2? Well folks, due to my insanely busy schedule I was only able to make the evening portion of the Mist Fest on Day 3. I want to keep this as short and to the point as possible because, even with my limited time there at the event there is SO much to cover.  This event took place in Austin, TX at the very underestimated, Texas Mist venue. Recently, Texas Mist has had to endure the City of Austin's expansion and zoning plans thus resulting in an insane amount of construction. So when newcomers to The Texas Mist arrive, it could become quite the daunting task to even get there. The other issue, of course, is that Austin transplants seem to only want to travel within a few miles of where they stay since more and more people are staying away from buying vehicles and relying on public transit or public scooters. Yes. I just said public scooters. But despite all this, it is worth it! I travel from a different city to make shows at "The Mist". Heck, I go to places like Dallas and Houston to enjoy bands that I like. But then again, I somewhat of an " actual" music lover. And that doesn't make me "cool" or " hip". It's just what I've been doing for the past 25 years.
Anyway, without going in different tangents, I wanted to talk about some of the  acts that I was able to catch, and enjoy.

First off, let me point out that I really was hoping to see Hijo de Puta. They often stop by my Terranodon Media Sound Tank ( A.K.A. Cobra Headquarters A.K.A Snake Mountain A.K.A The Pterodactyl Cave)  to jam out and make a pleasant ruckus for the eternal halls of " The Tank". But they do play regularly, so I am hopeful to see them sooner than later.  Also missed out on Lug who I hear did quite the splendid job. Then there were bands from Day 1 and Day 2 that I really was wanting to see and regretfully missed: Force of Rage, Shadow Spectrum, Doomstress, Killing Ritual, Last Judgement, Flesh Hoarder, DeOcculted, Cheesegrater Masturbation, and Terranodon Favorite, Dead Now Evil.

So let's talk about who I did see - Wrathtongue ( who I often mistakenly call wormtongue) was, to say the least,  very impressive. A San Antonio-based act, Wrathtongue have been working their way through the scene separating themselves with a raw primal energy that can only be evoked from a San Antonio act.  The weather was not cold enough to stop them from wreaking havoc and madness. In fact, I have to give special props to the two beautiful snow queens on bass and guitar that provided a striking contrast to the savagery of the music. 

Next up on the inside stage, was Chasing after Alice. It has been a few years since I've seen them. In fact, I am pretty sure we did a show together. Well, there is quite something to be said about CAA.  I quite enjoyed their set and to simply call them talented would be an understatement. In fact, I spoke with their singer and pointed-out that something sounded different. She told me that it was definitely an upgrade in their equipment. It amazes me on how that can make such subtle differences. ( Note to self : Get new equipment). It also amazes me that Chasing After Alice isn't sought out by studios or labels as they provide a sound that is more global than regional. They are a Texas band but can thrive in places like Finland or even South America. I applaud their artful and tasteful approach and commend their arrangements. Their vocals are powerful and mind-staggering as well. I'd enjoy a good Chasing After Alice listen while painting.

 Next up, was a return to the outside stage; but what happened next was unexpected. My living carcass was not yet able to comprehend such .  I witnessed a pleasantly disturbing entity known as The Church of Melkarth.  COM consisted of sampled, atmospheric soundscapes complimented with unnatural vocals that conjured spells and incantations ( for those with the talent to cast them). The stage decor consisted of an array of antlers, skulls, bones and candles probably made from things we should not speak of... Yes, very similar to how my bedroom looks so it was quite comforting to me. It could be considered a performance art piece, quite suitable for a cold night. In fact, I felt even colder to a point where my feet began to numb. The magic was floating around us. I picked up two Church of Melkarth CDs to listen to on the way home;  and while the  physical product differs slightly than the live event., both are unique experiences that you should look into immediately. I would only recommend this for those into the murky depths of darkness and supernatural evil  - a territory that I am quite familiar with.

Speaking of evil thoughts. I would like to move on to the next band. Like Church of Melkarth, the next group  hails from unhallowed horrors of  Houston. Sleeping Ancient - a sorrowful, dark trip into the obscure with a black metal pathway surrounded by a bleak and hopeless aura. Such mournful pieces - they made me smile in delight. I truly appreciate them. I only regret not talking to them after to purchase merch in order to help them on their travels back to the mire undeserving of their talent.

Finally, the band that closes the night,  Vulture Christ. A name that fans of aggressive, speed thrash ought to know. Anyone in the Austin or San Antonio area, that has not yet seen Vulture Christ, are living in sin. I admit the error of my ways for not making time to see this force of intensity. The ever-changing riffs keep the listener on their toes. The drums persisted on as to say " It must never stop". The bass rolled effortlessly through complex changes whilst keeping the pace of each piece. Then, the vocals. Just absolute and unfiltered insanity that perfectly melded with the relentless and ruthless sounds that make Vulture Christ an opposing force of Texas Metal. 

I look forward to their upcoming show with  Terranodon Media act, The Hanged Man's Curse  ( Tex-Mex Western Death Doom Thrash Occult ) and Wrathtongue in San Antonio on February 23rd.

 I would also like to applaud Jaska Miller , Michael Caldwell, and Jim Daeng Ostrander for making this event happen and keeping their spirits aligned with the Metal Force - because if they don't do it, not many others will. Andy also provided the backstage sound - and it looked and sounded Awesome!  I realize, that all of this .. The show, the bands, the performance. All of it.  It isn't an easy task with the lack of patronage and concert goers in Austin at the moment. But that is a conversation for another time.

 I also very much look forward to returning to Texas Mist to go witness THE GOAT AND YOUR MOM along with the BEST WORST BAND EVER - COMPLETE!!!!  I long to hear the reverberations within the walls of  " The Mist" echoing the likes of "Hoogie Boogie Land " and "Beautiful Sunrises". Then of course, I hope to be flufffed well by Worm Suicide, Ponytrap, Charm and The Steve and Steve Band.

Til next time folks.. Stay Triassic!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Editorial: "Outsider Music" Complete in Austin in 2019 Part 2 "Becoming Complete"

I can recall in 2007, at the dawn of my obsession with Complete, I started getting wind that they were actually playing shows again. At this point of my life I had been involved with numerous bands of my own. I was in the midst of touring with my old Polish Death Metal band, Against the Plagues ( shameless self promotion- I know) and was still jamming with a couple of Austin locals. So, when I got wind of this news ( via forums/ chat rooms and other places that rumors are birthed) I thought to myself, what if....just what if I booked the band, Complete at the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX. I recall being chastised by former bandmates for even considering it. One person, in particular, said it was stupid and even inferred that it would make the band look bad. It was that sentiment that pushed me further as my inner contrarian revolted. One thing I realized about myself, is that when someone places barriers in front of me or tells me "no" I am determined to consume their oppositions. My other option is to cower and be agreeable. But, I say thee nay! There is no option. It is this sensibility that I share with Complete. As I found, Complete were very much aware of their critics and detractors. And who are these people? Who are they to unjustly critique and lampoon others, when they, themselves lacked the fortitude or tenacity to appear before a crowd and perform knowingly lacking skills and despite being untrained musicians, presenting their spirits to the world. I found that many of them are insecure, idealistic delusionists with no fervor to create nor develop  artisti content of original thought or relevancy. Among their ranks lie soulless hipsters that are doomed to an existence of mediocrity.

     The primal yearning for one to express and present it's existence to the world is an unmistakable element in Outsider art; however, it is often overlooked by those that claim to live in the realms of normalcy. Complete created a world that they believed in, and it touched people in ways they were not prone to understanding ; nor were they ready.  I often describe Complete's song " Beautiful Sunrises" as something that one has never experience, seen or heard. Which  I have often found to be true. People immediately try to parallel this with other things that they are familiar with, but eventually admit that there is no other thing like that. Such can be argued for artists in the same realm as Complete. None like them ever came before. A blues band will sound like a blues band. A rock band will sound like a rock band. Rap will sound like rap. Complete sounds like Complete.

      So the mid to late 2000s my friendship with the band grew. I was able to help them get onto their first SXSW gig in 2009. I helped create merchandise. I even would credit them as a motivator for keeping Terranodon Media open minded and push it towards the strange, bizarre, and unexplored realms of music and art. I do recall a rough time occurring shortly after this. There was even a tale spoken to me in which Complete had missed a show because they had not only gone to the  wrong venue, but they went to the wrong city......and the wrong state. ONLY Complete,. I tell ya! 

     Since that time, I have maintain some involvement  with "The Complete Nation" as Curt likes to call it. And although Curt and I can  go for years without talking, we still keep some sort of communication online. Since 2007, Complete has released a few albums, played a number of SXSW showcases, and suffered hardships like the rest of us. I am looking forward to seeing them again in their newest incarnation. They are an ever-changing entity that still maintains their essence. Everything that I have spoken of  thus far, is just a small, minute aspect of the Complete Adventure. I, of course, have stories to tell, I even have footage of interviews, shows and experiences that will eventually come to light. I suppose I am just getting myself excited for Complete. I sincerely feel that I have been part of something quite unique to the world.  I hope my enthusiasm does not falter as I tend to be very "lazy" with my endeavors. But if there is, in fact, a demand, I will have no choice but to share and expand my adventures with "The Best Worst Band Ever", Complete!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Terranodon Media Show Review: Serpentian 1/12/19

Well the Pterodactyl Man along with  Terranodon Founder : Orlando Logan Olivero were able to head into Austin, Texas  to finally see some of his friends create endless streams of audible havoc and hatred. Here is what Orlando Logan Olivero has to say about it.

"On Saturday, 1/12/19 at the Lost Well, in Austin, TX  I was able to witness  ( and for the first time), an act that goes by the name of  'Serpentian'.  Although, I am friends with these fine blokes, I was never able to see them until now. Unsurprisingly, I blown away.  I wouldn't expect anything less from Sean, Steve, Kevin and the great Jon Zig. I can describe the music as an even mix of black metal and 90s death metal, but that would be too easy. Some sections of songs will go heavy with one for a moment but revert to the polar opposite on the next.  It delivers, and gives the listener what they want. This is definitely not for the typical, stoner rock ( but call it Doom) scenester. Nor is it for mainstream metal listener either. The roots of extreme underground metal run deep with Serpentian. It's what extreme metal is supposed to be. Loud, evil,  cohesive chaos. I hope to see them with other Texas underground acts that share a similar spirit. Bands like like Dead Now Evil, The Hanged Man's Curse, and perhaps even Vesperian Sorrow (as unlikely as it seems). But this man can dream, right?  Unfortunately, as popular as Austin has become, such opportunities are not always easy to achieve. The focus of the so-called Austin music scene has switched more towards radio-friendly acts and 'safer' music that appeal to teeny boppers cosplaying as "metal girls" so that they can get a good selfie on Instagram and Facebook which would then result in hordes of desperate individuals finding any opportunity to compliment them as they type with filth-ridden fingers. Yeah.. bands, like Serpentian are definitely NOT for these undesirables incompetents. Serpentian took me back to the mid/late 90s and early 2000s where extreme metal was intimidating and challenged the listener. Good job boys! I hope to see you soon! "

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Editorial: "Outsider Music" Complete in Austin in 2019 Part 1 "The Best Worst Band Ever"

        For as far back as I can recall, I've always been drawn to the obscure, the underground, the bizarre, and the unknown. Growing up in the 80s,  in South Texas, you simply weren't exposed to much unless you had your special, hook up people. I made it a point to acquire such friends. You'd trade tapes, VHS mixes, some weird but awesome black and white zine. You would spend a whole weekend at your friends house trying to figure out Zelda 2 the Adventure of Link while listening to some King Diamond and talking about movies like Dead Alive, Evil Dead 2 or Frankenhooker. But not everything had to be morbid or evil for us to acknowledge the fantastical uniqueness of something. There were also comedies and over the top performances that appealed to me. I can most definitely appreciate both Monty Python and Wrestling in the 80s and early 90s. The ideas were absolutely insane and silly. But nothing could prepare me for the internet, where my curious mind took me on profound journeys into  digital labyrinths. Each pathway took me into corridors that led to treasures like Wesley Willis, The Kids of Whitney High, Daniel Johnson, Mark Gormley, the list goes on.
       Now, let's go back to how this fascination was able to be formed in the first place. As a child, I had been introduced to Zappa, which led me to  Tiny Tim, Captain Beefheart, and a lot of psychedelic rock. These were often go hand in hand with my crazed, drawing sessions. Or when I would obsessively paint Ral Partha Miniatures at a late night book store called " Yo Books and Games". At the age of 5, I was shown the  movies " Fire and Ice " and "Wizards". So, a lot of this made absolutely, perfect sense to me. I was just remembering how I used to try to trade or buy Heavy Metal Magazine when I was a kid. These sort of things help us escape a considerably boring reality. I always longed for more.
       So let's get back to the mid 2000s. I was often using questionably legal file sharing programs, making mix cds, jumping on Yahoo chat, trolling a forums. This became a very standard norm.  On one fateful eve , I was shown an act by the name of Complete on Youtube. It was found footage of them performing a piece called " Hot as Hell".  What I saw was a group of middle-aged men; one of which wearing a  Cat in the Hat headpiece. I can recall those were easily available in the mid 90s and became a "thing" for a hot minute.  One of my friends, Juan Guzman, owned a few- one of which was green and white and had a huge pot leaf in the middle.  Those were a few of my immediate thoughts before noticing  the most visually striking element in this video - the front man. Curt Low, dominates the stage with a carefree confidence that most front men could never achieve.  Then you hear his voice - a combination of shrieked wails and scratched, guttural grit peppered with a Texas twang. While the video, itself, seems to suffer from that " copy of a copy of another copy" syndrome, one can get a general sense of the compositions. In fact, I feel that the VHS dub adds to the mystique and charm of experience. One of the more notable, and interesting elements is the fact that the Bass, Guitar, and Drums seem to be playing different things in unison. I often notice how the bassist, Creecher, remains focused on what he is playing rather than adhering or adjusting to what the guitars and drums are doing. It's in an entirely different key.  The drums tease a particular rhythmic direction but keeps looping as if he was constantly getting the song started. The guitars build a solid foundation while incorporating quick licks that he expands on each time they are played. Then the singer, confidently delivers primal screams that echo the souls of our primordial ancestors. This is what completes COMPLETE.   The untrained ear would immediately label this as "bad music" so much that they have been pinned as "The Worst Band Ever" which of course, is one of the most incompetent things one could say about Complete.  I will accept that they can be considered to be "The Best Worst Band". But still, one must consider what really IS bad music. I'd rather be forced ot listen to Complete every day for the rest of my life then to listen to one more minute of Limp Biskit, Nickelback, or Sugar Ray. But that will have to wait for another article.

    So my first experience with Complete naturally came with certain influences. They brought me joy, laughter, confusion, and excitement after watching their videos about 20 times in a row. This pretty much,  is where my obsession began so much that I started getting in contact with  the remaining members of Complete, convinced them to begin doing shows. I booked a few in Austin, TX and even assisted them with their first, SXSW showcase. Ever since then, we have been in contact with each other. I have been following their releases, watched new videos, and attended shows whenever they come through the area. All of this is a long story that I will get into further  in PART 2 . In the  meantime, do yourself a favor and enjoy Complete's Hoogie Boogie Land, Hot As Hell, Beautiful Sunrises, Dreaming, and my favorite, Into the Night.