Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The New Terranodon Media Sampler will be available soon. The initial run will consist of Download Cards that will feature : The Monk, Hanged Man's Curse, and Whore of Babylon. The limited initial first printing will be available on March 15th at SXSW in Austin,TX . The Monk will be performing live at "Headhunters/ Metal and Lace " at 10:30. Free cards will be distributed .

After that, cards will be available to purchase at select Terranodon Shows. Proceeds will be used to manufacture a second run which will feature more bands and in a CD format as well.  For more information contact Orlando Logan Perez via Facebook. Here is the cover .
The Sampler will feature the songs:
1. I Buried Her at Dawn   by Hanged Man's Curse 
2. Greece Fire by  The Monk
3. When All My Enemies are Gone by Whore of Babylon
4. Necronaut ( Live) by The Monk

In other news, Terranodon Media would like to welcome "Hanged Man's Curse" officially into the ranks of the crew!  More details soon!