Saturday, September 25, 2021

Where is The Hanged Man's Curse??? Update

 For months, I have been trying to reach the elusive and perplexing band, I have recently received an e-mail that they are almost complete with another demo. This is precisely why I decided to manage, The Hanged Man's Curse. They are unique to me. I've only seen their front man's face once, in a dimly lit room . I have felt some sort of closeness to them ever since. They  have requested that I look into deleting their online, youtube, content in the near future, so get it while you can. I do still have plenty of cassettes available, but they have also requested that those get disposed of as well.The last posted, item of course was their song, Prepare a Coffin, The Hanged Man is Near, which can still be found on Youtube.