Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Show Review - Texas Mist Day 3 (Evening Time)

Wait ? Where is Day 1 and Day 2? Well folks, due to my insanely busy schedule I was only able to make the evening portion of the Mist Fest on Day 3. I want to keep this as short and to the point as possible because, even with my limited time there at the event there is SO much to cover.  This event took place in Austin, TX at the very underestimated, Texas Mist venue. Recently, Texas Mist has had to endure the City of Austin's expansion and zoning plans thus resulting in an insane amount of construction. So when newcomers to The Texas Mist arrive, it could become quite the daunting task to even get there. The other issue, of course, is that Austin transplants seem to only want to travel within a few miles of where they stay since more and more people are staying away from buying vehicles and relying on public transit or public scooters. Yes. I just said public scooters. But despite all this, it is worth it! I travel from a different city to make shows at "The Mist". Heck, I go to places like Dallas and Houston to enjoy bands that I like. But then again, I somewhat of an " actual" music lover. And that doesn't make me "cool" or " hip". It's just what I've been doing for the past 25 years.
Anyway, without going in different tangents, I wanted to talk about some of the  acts that I was able to catch, and enjoy.

First off, let me point out that I really was hoping to see Hijo de Puta. They often stop by my Terranodon Media Sound Tank ( A.K.A. Cobra Headquarters A.K.A Snake Mountain A.K.A The Pterodactyl Cave)  to jam out and make a pleasant ruckus for the eternal halls of " The Tank". But they do play regularly, so I am hopeful to see them sooner than later.  Also missed out on Lug who I hear did quite the splendid job. Then there were bands from Day 1 and Day 2 that I really was wanting to see and regretfully missed: Force of Rage, Shadow Spectrum, Doomstress, Killing Ritual, Last Judgement, Flesh Hoarder, DeOcculted, Cheesegrater Masturbation, and Terranodon Favorite, Dead Now Evil.

So let's talk about who I did see - Wrathtongue ( who I often mistakenly call wormtongue) was, to say the least,  very impressive. A San Antonio-based act, Wrathtongue have been working their way through the scene separating themselves with a raw primal energy that can only be evoked from a San Antonio act.  The weather was not cold enough to stop them from wreaking havoc and madness. In fact, I have to give special props to the two beautiful snow queens on bass and guitar that provided a striking contrast to the savagery of the music. 

Next up on the inside stage, was Chasing after Alice. It has been a few years since I've seen them. In fact, I am pretty sure we did a show together. Well, there is quite something to be said about CAA.  I quite enjoyed their set and to simply call them talented would be an understatement. In fact, I spoke with their singer and pointed-out that something sounded different. She told me that it was definitely an upgrade in their equipment. It amazes me on how that can make such subtle differences. ( Note to self : Get new equipment). It also amazes me that Chasing After Alice isn't sought out by studios or labels as they provide a sound that is more global than regional. They are a Texas band but can thrive in places like Finland or even South America. I applaud their artful and tasteful approach and commend their arrangements. Their vocals are powerful and mind-staggering as well. I'd enjoy a good Chasing After Alice listen while painting.

 Next up, was a return to the outside stage; but what happened next was unexpected. My living carcass was not yet able to comprehend such .  I witnessed a pleasantly disturbing entity known as The Church of Melkarth.  COM consisted of sampled, atmospheric soundscapes complimented with unnatural vocals that conjured spells and incantations ( for those with the talent to cast them). The stage decor consisted of an array of antlers, skulls, bones and candles probably made from things we should not speak of... Yes, very similar to how my bedroom looks so it was quite comforting to me. It could be considered a performance art piece, quite suitable for a cold night. In fact, I felt even colder to a point where my feet began to numb. The magic was floating around us. I picked up two Church of Melkarth CDs to listen to on the way home;  and while the  physical product differs slightly than the live event., both are unique experiences that you should look into immediately. I would only recommend this for those into the murky depths of darkness and supernatural evil  - a territory that I am quite familiar with.

Speaking of evil thoughts. I would like to move on to the next band. Like Church of Melkarth, the next group  hails from unhallowed horrors of  Houston. Sleeping Ancient - a sorrowful, dark trip into the obscure with a black metal pathway surrounded by a bleak and hopeless aura. Such mournful pieces - they made me smile in delight. I truly appreciate them. I only regret not talking to them after to purchase merch in order to help them on their travels back to the mire undeserving of their talent.

Finally, the band that closes the night,  Vulture Christ. A name that fans of aggressive, speed thrash ought to know. Anyone in the Austin or San Antonio area, that has not yet seen Vulture Christ, are living in sin. I admit the error of my ways for not making time to see this force of intensity. The ever-changing riffs keep the listener on their toes. The drums persisted on as to say " It must never stop". The bass rolled effortlessly through complex changes whilst keeping the pace of each piece. Then, the vocals. Just absolute and unfiltered insanity that perfectly melded with the relentless and ruthless sounds that make Vulture Christ an opposing force of Texas Metal. 

I look forward to their upcoming show with  Terranodon Media act, The Hanged Man's Curse  ( Tex-Mex Western Death Doom Thrash Occult ) and Wrathtongue in San Antonio on February 23rd.

 I would also like to applaud Jaska Miller , Michael Caldwell, and Jim Daeng Ostrander for making this event happen and keeping their spirits aligned with the Metal Force - because if they don't do it, not many others will. Andy also provided the backstage sound - and it looked and sounded Awesome!  I realize, that all of this .. The show, the bands, the performance. All of it.  It isn't an easy task with the lack of patronage and concert goers in Austin at the moment. But that is a conversation for another time.

 I also very much look forward to returning to Texas Mist to go witness THE GOAT AND YOUR MOM along with the BEST WORST BAND EVER - COMPLETE!!!!  I long to hear the reverberations within the walls of  " The Mist" echoing the likes of "Hoogie Boogie Land " and "Beautiful Sunrises". Then of course, I hope to be flufffed well by Worm Suicide, Ponytrap, Charm and The Steve and Steve Band.

Til next time folks.. Stay Triassic!!!