Monday, January 14, 2019

Terranodon Media Show Review: Serpentian 1/12/19

Well the Pterodactyl Man along with  Terranodon Founder : Orlando Logan Olivero were able to head into Austin, Texas  to finally see some of his friends create endless streams of audible havoc and hatred. Here is what Orlando Logan Olivero has to say about it.

"On Saturday, 1/12/19 at the Lost Well, in Austin, TX  I was able to witness  ( and for the first time), an act that goes by the name of  'Serpentian'.  Although, I am friends with these fine blokes, I was never able to see them until now. Unsurprisingly, I blown away.  I wouldn't expect anything less from Sean, Steve, Kevin and the great Jon Zig. I can describe the music as an even mix of black metal and 90s death metal, but that would be too easy. Some sections of songs will go heavy with one for a moment but revert to the polar opposite on the next.  It delivers, and gives the listener what they want. This is definitely not for the typical, stoner rock ( but call it Doom) scenester. Nor is it for mainstream metal listener either. The roots of extreme underground metal run deep with Serpentian. It's what extreme metal is supposed to be. Loud, evil,  cohesive chaos. I hope to see them with other Texas underground acts that share a similar spirit. Bands like like Dead Now Evil, The Hanged Man's Curse, and perhaps even Vesperian Sorrow (as unlikely as it seems). But this man can dream, right?  Unfortunately, as popular as Austin has become, such opportunities are not always easy to achieve. The focus of the so-called Austin music scene has switched more towards radio-friendly acts and 'safer' music that appeal to teeny boppers cosplaying as "metal girls" so that they can get a good selfie on Instagram and Facebook which would then result in hordes of desperate individuals finding any opportunity to compliment them as they type with filth-ridden fingers. Yeah.. bands, like Serpentian are definitely NOT for these undesirables incompetents. Serpentian took me back to the mid/late 90s and early 2000s where extreme metal was intimidating and challenged the listener. Good job boys! I hope to see you soon! "