Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Editorial: "Outsider Music" Complete in Austin in 2019 Part 2 "Becoming Complete"

I can recall in 2007, at the dawn of my obsession with Complete, I started getting wind that they were actually playing shows again. At this point of my life I had been involved with numerous bands of my own. I was in the midst of touring with my old Polish Death Metal band, Against the Plagues ( shameless self promotion- I know) and was still jamming with a couple of Austin locals. So, when I got wind of this news ( via forums/ chat rooms and other places that rumors are birthed) I thought to myself, what if....just what if I booked the band, Complete at the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX. I recall being chastised by former bandmates for even considering it. One person, in particular, said it was stupid and even inferred that it would make the band look bad. It was that sentiment that pushed me further as my inner contrarian revolted. One thing I realized about myself, is that when someone places barriers in front of me or tells me "no" I am determined to consume their oppositions. My other option is to cower and be agreeable. But, I say thee nay! There is no option. It is this sensibility that I share with Complete. As I found, Complete were very much aware of their critics and detractors. And who are these people? Who are they to unjustly critique and lampoon others, when they, themselves lacked the fortitude or tenacity to appear before a crowd and perform knowingly lacking skills and despite being untrained musicians, presenting their spirits to the world. I found that many of them are insecure, idealistic delusionists with no fervor to create nor develop  artisti content of original thought or relevancy. Among their ranks lie soulless hipsters that are doomed to an existence of mediocrity.

     The primal yearning for one to express and present it's existence to the world is an unmistakable element in Outsider art; however, it is often overlooked by those that claim to live in the realms of normalcy. Complete created a world that they believed in, and it touched people in ways they were not prone to understanding ; nor were they ready.  I often describe Complete's song " Beautiful Sunrises" as something that one has never experience, seen or heard. Which  I have often found to be true. People immediately try to parallel this with other things that they are familiar with, but eventually admit that there is no other thing like that. Such can be argued for artists in the same realm as Complete. None like them ever came before. A blues band will sound like a blues band. A rock band will sound like a rock band. Rap will sound like rap. Complete sounds like Complete.

      So the mid to late 2000s my friendship with the band grew. I was able to help them get onto their first SXSW gig in 2009. I helped create merchandise. I even would credit them as a motivator for keeping Terranodon Media open minded and push it towards the strange, bizarre, and unexplored realms of music and art. I do recall a rough time occurring shortly after this. There was even a tale spoken to me in which Complete had missed a show because they had not only gone to the  wrong venue, but they went to the wrong city......and the wrong state. ONLY Complete,. I tell ya! 

     Since that time, I have maintain some involvement  with "The Complete Nation" as Curt likes to call it. And although Curt and I can  go for years without talking, we still keep some sort of communication online. Since 2007, Complete has released a few albums, played a number of SXSW showcases, and suffered hardships like the rest of us. I am looking forward to seeing them again in their newest incarnation. They are an ever-changing entity that still maintains their essence. Everything that I have spoken of  thus far, is just a small, minute aspect of the Complete Adventure. I, of course, have stories to tell, I even have footage of interviews, shows and experiences that will eventually come to light. I suppose I am just getting myself excited for Complete. I sincerely feel that I have been part of something quite unique to the world.  I hope my enthusiasm does not falter as I tend to be very "lazy" with my endeavors. But if there is, in fact, a demand, I will have no choice but to share and expand my adventures with "The Best Worst Band Ever", Complete!