Thursday, January 31, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to see the band, Complete

10. A Youtube Sensation - Complete became a Youtube sensation in the mid 2000s .  With the advent of the global video streaming program, Youtube,   the  "found " footage phenomenon was and continues to thrive. The footage that had been found of the band " Complete" was said to date back to the mid 1990s. The sound quality, theatrics, confidence, and delivery of the performance polarized viewers.  They developed a cult following shortly after with songs like "Hoogie Boogie Land" and "Beautiful Sunrises" which resulted in hundreds of thousands of views. The videos were shared and became a viral sensation. It subsequently developed mixed reactions among viewers. Some of which dubbed them "The Worst Band Ever" which later evolved to " The Best Worst Band Ever". But we will get into that in a bit.

9. 420-friendly - Complete are not afraid to express their love for the cannabis. In fact, they have several renditions of the song, Hoogie Boogie land and often make references to " the magical plant" or the plant that has "5 or 7 leaves". Without a doubt they are huge proponents of the plants recreational usage and have cited it as a major influence in their emotion-driven songwriting. Just FYI.

8. SXSW- Complete managed (somehow) to perform at numerous SXSW showcases starting in 2009. SXSW has been known to be the largest music festival in the world  showcasing hundreds of bands from around the worlds. Many bands ( like all my projects) will be rejected numerous times or not even be considered. Complete was reportedly asked to perform by organizers of SXSW and continue to do so every other year.

7. Expect the Unexpected at Complete Shows - Complete has gone through numerous lineup changes. But the foundation was always Curt Low and Peter Creech (Sparky to some ). With last minute cancellations and the firing of band mates, Complete has sometimes had to recruit individuals that have a very short amount of time to learn the songs. Some songs are altered on the spot. You will hear a version of "Beautiful Sunrises" that sounds the same. While some speculate as to whether they remember the songs, others have gotten the impression that they are a kin to Jazz fusion bands and are working the audience.

6. Long History: 25+ Years - Looking back it is hard to believe that Complete is already a quarter of a century old. They have endured many changes, harsh criticisms, but keep the spirit of rock and music alive within themselves.

5. Fan-friendly - Complete's Curt Low often references his immense appreciation for the fans. Some might be inclined to describe him as a big, Texas Teddy Bear as his approachable and personable demeanor is one of the qualities that keeps fans coming back.

4. Rare Items, Collectables and DIY Merch - Complete have items and merchandise at certain shows. Many of which they construct themselves adopting a DIY sensibility. One show there were a limited amount of shirts that were stenciled and spray-painted by both Curt and Creech.One their initial release, they had a temporary name change referring to themselves as "Barbed". Those that have the original copy will notice the CDr Copy has a printed " barbed" Logo ; however, the word "Complete" is crudely written over it capturing the charm and essence of the band.

3. Get it now while you can -It is not certain how long Complete will decide to keep going. After the untimely death of Pete Creech in 2018, the sole remaining member is the voice of Complete, Curtis. People have longed to see both the 1st generation lineup in some form or another. Mark Swain has reportedly not been active in the music scene for quite sometime but it is said that he and Curt are on talking terms. One can only dream of a Complete G1 reunion.  With regards to Complete's 2nd Generation (or Complete Generation 2  as I like to call it), there were reports of existing hostilities between the drummer ( TK ), and Creech for a while. Houston is reportedly active in the Texas Metal Scene with his band, ASS.  It has been said that Mark Swain prefers to forget all this, but perhaps cannot remember how to play the original material. Houston remains the only former member that can play the original material note for note and managed to even transcribe the songs at one point.

2. Best Worst Band Ever? -One of the largest controversies regarding Complete is how they are viewed by the general audience. One group says that they are bad . The other group says that they are horrible. Okay, that was a bad joke. But there are many opinions surrounding Complete.This, we will touch on in the future.

1. Outsider Music - It is apparent that Complete is deserving of being part of the ongoing Outsider Music category. With the likes of Wesley Willis, Daniel Johnston, Tiny Tim, Captain Beefheart, Wildman Fischer, and others, it is undoubtedly reasonable and sensible to include Complete into this hall of giants. Their sheer authenticity, honesty, rawness, and perplexities align them with greatness!